Directions & Around map update

Address:6-32 miura town SASEBO city,NAGASAKI,JAPAN


4 minutes from SASWBO station,SASEBO bus station by walking.

●Fukuoka International Airport
:By Highwaybus
you get on the highwaybus”SASEBOGOU” Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)

Get off SASEBO bus station
※Approximately about 1hour 50 minutes

●FUKUOKA station
:By JR line
in HAKATA station “MIDORIGOU“express Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)
※Approximately about 2hour

●Nagasaki International Airport
:By bus
you get on the Airport Limousine Bus Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)
You get off “SASEBO“ staition.
※Approximately about 1hour 40 minutes

●Nagasaki or Urakami station
:By JR line
you get on the rapid train “SEASIDELINER”.
you get off “SASEBO“ staition
※Approximately about 1hour 30 minutes


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