Directions & Around map

Address:7-21 wakaba town SASEBO city,NAGASAKI,JAPAN
Access on illustrated with photo please click


10 minutes from SASWBO station,SASEBO bus station by walking.

●Fukuoka International Airport
:By Highwaybus
you get on the highwaybus”SASEBOGOU” Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)

Get off SASEBO bus station
※Approximately about 1hour 50 minutes

●FUKUOKA station
:By JR line
in HAKATA station “MIDORIGOU“express Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)
※Approximately about 2hour

●Nagasaki International Airport
:By bus
you get on the Airport Limousine Bus Destination SASEBO(bound for “SASEBO”)
You get off “SASEBO“ staition.
※Approximately about 1hour 40 minutes

●Nagasaki or Urakami station
:By JR line
you get on the rapid train “SEASIDELINER”.
you get off “SASEBO“ staition
※Approximately about 1hour 30 minutes


Access on illustrated with photo

access from JR SASEBO station

when you go out JR SASEBO station,you can see it,under photo.
attention!! you do not go out sea side

So you can see huge street,turn the right,after go down follow this street.

you pass first traffic light,you get second traffic light.there are Footbridge.

you tune left at traffic light.

after walking about 20m,you can get intersection.turn light so you can see blue boat.

you pass the blue boat you can see boradCREDO SASEBO

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